Steven C. Burke For Judge Case

In this very unique case, an Oregon lawyer named Steven C. Burke decided to pursue the idea un-seating the presiding judge of the Washington County Circuit Court, 20th District, Judge Position 6.  The difficulty for Mr. Burke was the fact that while creating the Publications and Campaign Materials for running for an election against the incumbent, he knowingly failed to tell the voters that he was concurrently being investigated by the Oregon State Bar Disciplinary Counsel for allegations of serious, fraudulent misconduct (as a lawyer) in three separate court cases in different Counties in Oregon.

If the facts alleged against Mr. Burke were found to be true after investigations and a full and fair Three-Judge Panel Trial on the merits, the serious nature of the alleged misconduct would or likely could lead to either disbarment from the practice of law entirely, or in the least, a long suspension from the practice of law.With these things in mind, and if true, would mean Mr. Burke had violated certain State laws (ORS 260.532) and certain Rules within the Code of Judicial Conduct, particularly CJC Rule 5.1(D).

A Notice to the Chief Justice for the State of Oregon, as well as a Complaint to the Oregon Judicial Fitness Commission has been filed (April 23, 2018, by Ian McElroy of against attorney Steven Burke in an attempt to expose the failure of Mr. Burke to faithfully and honestly tell the voting public of the ethics investigations against him.

Time is of the essence in this matter, as the Primary Election is set for May 15, 2018 ⎯ just three weeks away. 

Will the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court step up and take necessary steps to prevent the Election Fraud being committed by Mr. Burke from harming this Judicial Election in Washington County?

Stay tuned.