Justice is the Foundation of our Democracy and our Freedom.


Purpose:  Our purpose is to seek justice in cases where justice was clearly denied through deliberate acts of dishonesty, misrepresentations, or false statements by officers of the court (i.e., lawyers, judges), and where such acts of attorney and judicial misconduct improperly influenced the decision of the court.

Values Statement: Above all else, we value Honesty, Truthfulness, and Integrity as the means to accomplish Justice.  Without such established, time-honored values, all that remains is the injustice of dishonesty, deceptions, fraud, misrepresentations, corruption, and damaged lives.

Mission Statement:  We look at specific legal cases where serious (far-reaching), egregious (shocking, abhorrent) conduct by professional lawyers, and sometimes judges, was the cause of a wrong decision made by the court. This is entirely different than a when a wrong decision by a judge was the result of the judge making an error of law in his/her decision (the final ‘Judgment’ of the court).  We then seek to discover whether the circumstances in the underlying case was such that the final Judgment of the court was rendered void as a matter of law and is therefore ripe for action to set aside that Judgment and seek a new trial on the merits.

Vision Statement:  We see there is a viable niche that if pursued can afford individuals, families, and businesses a genuine opportunity for a second chance at obtaining true Justice that was wrongly denied by acts of intentional, and sometimes illegal misconduct in violation of laws and ethics rules.

DISCLOSURE:  Justice Matters (and justicematters.us) is not a law firm.  This website, all statements made, and all information presented herein provide general information only and is not to be construed as providing legal advice. 
If you need legal advice, contact the Attorney Referral Service at the State Bar Association in the state you live in.